Feast of the Fruit- West End Farmers Market

Sep 6, 2014 in Updates

Heirloom tomatoes abound so it is the perfect time to feast on this seasonal fruit. That’s not the only fruit to relish and devour- strawberries, rasberries, melons, peaches, figs await you at SRWEFM .

rEVOLUTION Bread is made using old world long fermentation techniques &  modern knowledge. Eli Colvin rotates his bread selection depending on how he feels and he is always creating new ideas. It doesn’t matter whether its Rustic Italian, Toasted Corn baguettes, Pretzels or Focaccia topped with delicious ingredients … they are all made with outstanding, wholesome ingredients.
Eli was in Napa when the recent 6.0 earthquake hit. He was in the midst of baking and ended up with a broken oven, baking table and everything else on the floor. We thank goodness that he wasn’t hurt and was able to get everything back in working order. Check out rEVOLUTION Bread and meet the extraordinary Eli Colvin.


Brine Country focuses on all aspects of fermented food. They offer a line of KimKraut- a KimChi/Sauerkraut Fusion. It was the unofficial Best KimKraut of the 2013 Fermentation Festival Santa Rosa. In addtion fermented delicacies, they also offer DIY Equipment & fermentation classes. Their mission is to enrich the health and well-being of our community, support local farms and food producers through the art of fermentation. Try their crunchy, delicious line of KimKraut- OutrageousOriginal, MildlyMild, GenuineGinger, CarrotCaraway and new BrilliantBeet.


Brilliant Beet Kimkraut

Do you love tea? Tea and Trumpets has an excellent selection of loose leaf tea. Brewing and drinking high quality loose leaf tea is soothing and restorative.  Loose leaf tea allows you to be engaged in your beverage . Choosing the tea, brewing it, enjoying the fragrance to drinking it is a fascinating experience  and also a pleasurable activity to do with others. There are also many different ways and devices to brew tea such as Tea & Trumpets infuser cups and pots.  Visit with Mark Bowden, a fellow tea lover, and he will guide you through many choices of 100% USDA organic tea such as Sunset Passion (roobios, passion fruit, cinnamon, lemon) or Earl Grey Lavender. Drop by on Sunday to sample the featured tea of the day.


Treat Your Dog to Something Yummy! Of course, you know Sonoma County Meat Company has grass fed ground beef, steaks, pork and house made bacon but this butcher also has tantalizing treats for Bowser! So stop by and get yourself something delicious like their Smokehouse Burgers (grass fed ground beef with bacon!) or their new SCMC Mini Ham (Walnut Keep’s award winning sustainably raised pork) AND get your favorite friend a delectable tidbit too!

A good dog deserves a treat from So. Co. Meat Co.

A good dog deserves a treat from So. Co. Meat Co.


An Artful Market. Nestled next to the historic DeTurk Round Barn, a lovely park and historic winery building, the West End Farmers Market is picturesque. It’s a small, brimming with community and has been compared to markets in Paris. Photographers, painters & musicians feel inspired and are a frequent sight at the market. Come and experience for yourself!

Feel inspired at WEFM

Feel inspired at WEFM

Love that Radish? You can wear it! We have a new batch of WEFM T-shirts ($25) ! Stop in to see the new colors and our exclusive design. You can also get a special edition of the West End Farmers Market Poster ( 13″X19″ heavyweight paper $5) signed by artist, Brian Howlett.

Get "Berry" nice Tshirt

Get “Berry” nice Tshirt

Our North Bay Hootenanny Stage sponsored by Exchange Bank & City of SR features the best in local music, all music booked by the multi-talented and dashing Josh Windmiller. This week’s artist: Mark McDonald (blues)

Mark McDonald

Ride your Bike to WEFM! We are located downtown, just north of Historic Railroad Square, close to the SR Creek & Joe Rodota Bike trails and we have lots of bike parking available.


WEFM EBT matching program. We will match your EBT $ one for one up to $20! That means you can buy twice as much fresh, wholesome food for your family. Thanks to Exchange Bank, Kaiser Permanente and the Kelly Norman Team at Keller Williams Realty for their generous grants.

Thank-you WEFM sponsor!

Thank-you WEFM sponsor!

See you this Sunday at the West End Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., located on Donahue Street between Boyce and Decker Streets.
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