Give Your Dad a Break at the W.E. Farmers Market!

Jun 13, 2014 in Updates

Let’s face it… Father’s day is a dilemma. You want to do something special for him but what? It’s hard on Dad too…. He’s knows there’s a tie or other manly gift in his future. He appreciates the thought but how many ties do you need in Sonoma County? Give your Dad the one thing that is irreplaceable… time with his kids. Spend the day hanging out with Dad at the West End Farmer’s Market… better yet bike or walk to the market. Buy wholesome groceries and artisan foods for dinner or buy something delicious to eat there. You can picnic in the park while listening to music. Dad will truly appreciate that!
Spend some time with Dad at the West End Farmers Market

Spend some time with Dad at the West End Farmers Market

Hey, Honey! Are you looking for nutritious, health-giving sweetness? Stop by Kiss the Flower/ BeeLove Honey at the West End Farmers Market this Sunday. Beekeeper, Dewitt Barker has eight apiaries (beehives) in several locations in Sonoma County. He collaborates with sustainable farmers- it’s a win-win situation as it enhances pollination of the crops and creates amazing honey from our local honeybees. Delight in honey, honey sticks (kids love them!) and honey comb. Try local bee pollen very popular during allergy season or fragrant beeswax candles- all products made here in Sonoma County.

Kiss the Flower

From Ghana with Love is a small business with an international heart. Artists and musicians Kimberly and James Ichitey sell artisan products such as shea butter, beads & baskets all rooted in the culture and traditions of the small West African village where James was raised. Shea Butter is made from Shea Tree nuts. The nuts are picked, roasted, and pounded and boiled for hours. The butter has been used in Africa for centuries and this superb moisturizer has many uses. They also offer traditional glass beads made from recycled glass, durable and colorful woven baskets and musical instruments. By the way, those baskets are perfect for shopping at the West End Farmers market!

Ghana with Love

Our North Bay Hootenanny Stage features the best in local music, all music booked by the multi-talented and dashing Josh Windmiller. This week’s artist is Ron Dubin (oldies, rhythm & blues, New Orleans jazz, folk, country, & reggae)


Announcing a new EBT matching program. Starting Sunday May 25th, WEFM will match your EBT $ one for one up to $20! That means you can spend twice as much money for fresh, wholesome food for your family. Thank you to Exchange Bank and Kaiser Permanente for their generous grants.


Ride your Bike to WEFM! We are located downtown, just north of Historic Railroad Square, close to the SR Creek & Joe Rodota Bike trails and we have lots of bike parking available.


Are you interested in supporting our local musicians, farmers, craft and food artists? Market Sponsors will be featured on our website, in our updates and given a seat at our harvest dinner. Music Sponsors will have all those wonderful things AND also be featured on our market posters and Hootenanny stage. Call Allen Thomas (707) 477-8422 for more information.


TeeVax Home Appliance and Kitchen Center is a WEFM Sponsor!


See you this Sunday at the West End Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., located on Donahue Street between Boyce and Decker Streets