Gorgeous and Gluten Free

Oct 17, 2013 in Updates

You will find fantastic foods, veggies, fruits, juices, coffee and specialty crafts at WEFM. Our vendors truly care about their products. LIberty5 Baking Company is a great example of this.

L5BC Logo large

LIberty5 Baking Company is a local gluten free bread producer located in downtown Santa Rosa. The name is derived from the old Santa Rosa telephone exchange, which became the prefix 545. LIberty5 Baking Co. was founded in 2013 due to a lack of fresh bread products for Celiacs and people sensitive to gluten. We feel that no one should be punished for being gluten intolerant and that artisan breads can still be a pleasure. The company began when founder Jenn Maly started baking for herself, but found that it is a labor intensive process and that custom flour blends yield a better product than off the shelf mixes. Soon, many gluten free friends wanted fresh bread, the word spread and a company was born.

LIberty5 is local to downtown Santa Rosa so it made sense that we began by selling at the West End Farmers Market. That successfully launched the brand and now we are selling at many local markets and restaurants. We have made friends with many fellow vendors as the WEFM has developed and we are always looking for ways to cross market with them. For instance, we have used Gypsy Girl Sausage in our savory bread puddings and we have had people make burgers from Guerilla Foods with our bread.

Liberty5 Bread

Fresh, delicious, artisan and gluten-free bread!

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Stretch your EBT dollar:  We are happy to announce that Kaiser Permanente has made a donation of $500 to our EBT market goers. So for every $10.00 of EBT that you purchase you receive $5.00 of extra EBT to use at the market. One match per market limit of $20.00. So if you purchase $40.00 in EBT you get $60.00 worth of tokens.


See you this Sunday at the West End Farmers Market, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., located on Donahue Street between Boyce and Decker Streets.