Mmmmm…… Freshly Baked Bread

Sep 26, 2013 in Updates

WEFM brings together an amazing group of vendors. Their products are fresh, unique, local and made/ grown with care insuring that your market visit is a delight. For instance, imagine smelling, eating and feeling freshly baked bread… does that sound good? No need to imagine because we have it (It may even be warm if you get there early enough!) 

Undercover Baking Agency- In addition to our regular homestyle, artisan treats such as scones, muffins and treats, the Undercover Baking Agency has unleashed BREAD! Bootlegger’s Beer Bread, French Bandit Baguettes, Hitmen’s Challah, and/or other partners in delicious debauchery await.  There will be no hostages… it’s your dough for our dough… or else!

Dawn Zaft  The Undercover Baking Agency




Live music by the Falcon Christopher duo. Listen to “I won’t follow you down” (Music and lyrics by Falcon Christopher)

falcon christopher

falcon christopher

The West End Farmers Market will close 1/2 hour early this Sunday, due to an event at DeTurk Round Barn- See you this Sunday, September 29th at 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.